How do I save in a specific layout changes i made in another

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  • Hello guys,

    I made a game, where at the and of each layout( level) an object will be created based on your score ( 1 star, 2 star.....,Cut the rope style) and i made another layout with the level select menu, there i made an object with animation for each level, and every level has 4 frames depending on the stars you won.The object that shows me how many stars I have, it collides with another object and changes the frame of the level button ( for example you won two stars the frame in Level Select Layout should change to frame 3) But when i go back to the layout Level Select, the buttons goes back to frame 0. How can i save the changes, so whenever I go to the layout Level Select the changes i make will remain there. My Problem is that the change is not saved.

  • This depends a lot on what method you are using at this time..

    Saving can be done using local storage and/or the system save action.

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  • I am new to the program...and i don't understand how to make a specific layout to keep the changes.....the others layouts can restart but...the level select i need it to save the changes

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