How do I Save my specific info the right way

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  • Hi Guys,

    So after a while of not producing anything anymore i'm back in Construct 2 to create a little piece of software that can be used for my poker tournaments.

    It's for personal use only so there is no need for 100% "the right way". If it simply works i'm satisfied.

    I need to write away some (permanent) info. One of the things i'm stuck with now is creating the players as data.

    Remember, this is going to be a piece of software, not a game. So when i say player i mean a real life player as in data.

    It should be like:

    Player 1

    Balance: 50

    Games played: 6

    Ranking: 4

    Player 2

    Balance: 500

    Games played: 16

    Ranking: 1

    Now i thought i should use an Array for this but i am no pro at this kind of stuff and to be honest i'm not sure how to write this away.

    Some factors are: There can be unlimited players so i can't set an exact size of an array. Each player has multiple data inputs.

    What i am trying to reach is something like:


    ;Player2,500,16,1] ( this is not actually a format, it's just so you can understand what's going on in my brain ).

    In an other format it would simply look like:



    This data should be used later on.

    So long story short, i guess i need an array but i don't know how to add multiple data for each user. Players are actually creating in the application itself. So once clicking the "add player" button it should be able to create a new row with the x amount of columns that will contain the data as shown above.

    Good to know is that it will be exported as NWjs. So i got a lot freedom as in how it's done.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Often people will use CSV format for this then use the CSV plugin to import the data into the game. Not got a lot of experience with using this method but there should be some info around. In terms of the array, you never need to set a specific size, you can 'push' items into an array at the back so in reality it has an unlimited size.

  • I will surely take a look at CSV right away! Thanks for the tip. The thing is that all data can be edited and will be edited on the fly. So i need a nice way to edit and save this stuff. Now the loading and saving is not something i'm worried about i'll figure that out.

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