How do I save a snapshot from webcam to hard drive

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  • Hi, i need to save to a pic taken with the webcam in game to hhd and reuse it, is there anyway? ive been using webcam.snapshoturl but i dont know how to save that file or sprite.


  • I think you need to make new layout by size of picture, paste there your picture and do Snapshot canvas action. Then you can reuse it as you want.

    Here is what is Snapshot Canvas


    Contains the resulting image from a Snapshot canvas action after On canvas snapshot has run. (Note this expression is not available immediately after the Snapshot canvas action - you can only use it after On canvas snapshot triggers.) The expression returns a data URI of the image file. This can be loaded in to a Sprite or Tiled Background object via Load image from URL, sent to a server or stored locally, or opened with the Browser object in a new tab to save to disk.

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  • Thanks MadScientist, ive solved using localstorage, some variables and snapshoturl.

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