How do I save snapshot to mobile

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  • I've searched like crazy for a solution but I can't find anything that works!

    I want to save a snapshot to the mobile gallery. That should work somehow I think..

    The browser invoke download thing won't work when I export it onto an app, right? So I need something else. I've tried to read about the LocalStorage, but I don't understand anything there. If someone could explain to me like I'm 5, I would really appreciate it!

  • Have you searched "snapshot" in C2 startup templates ?

  • That uses the browser invoke download that I mentioned, but that won't work when it's an app I presume? Since it's not in a browser then.

  • Try it.

    It should work, AFAIK all exports are browser wrappers.

  • Really? That's awesome, I feel stupid now. Thanks!

  • Hmm no I can't get it to work in the app. Nothing happends when I tap the button. It works in the web browser on the computer but not when I have exported it as an app. I really need this to work, anyone got any idea?

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  • Hi, try to enable all permissions in your app settings.

    If it not works, you can use cordova screen shot plugin (this plugin works without any problem)

  • I will try that, thank you!

  • I still can't get it to work, I'm going crazy soon!

    I've installed the Screen shot plugin, added an event in construct and when I make a build and try in on my android the game just freezes for a few seconds and then goes back to normal. No image saved I've tried to add permissions but that doesn't help either. I don't get what I could be doing wrong!

  • I used the "on save screen capture failed" action to have it make a small box appear and it does, so it tries and fails apparently.

    When I export I check the "uses media" permission, and in XDK I've also added WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE in the build settings. Are there any more things I have to do maybe?

  • Hi, it woks for me, download capx and apks files here :

  • I can't open the capx file because it uses plugins that I don't have it says.

    And when I run your app in my phone and press the buttons, it says "No permissions to write, Abort" and "screencapture failed with cordova plugin".

    Soo,, there's something strange going on here

  • Do I need that plugin "Cordova In app browser" maybe, for my app to do the snapshot?

  • Nevermind my last post, the cordova in app browser is in the plugin manager in XDK on my project, so I don't know why nothing is working

  • Hello,

    Go to your app settings on your phone and check that all permissions are checked. For more precision give me your phone model.

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