How do I save settings?

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  • Hello guys. Im very new to Construct 2 and i have been learning how to do alot of things with it. I´m also going to buy the paid version very soon!

    But theres one little thing that i have been struggling alot with.

    I dont know how to save the settings specifically audio.

    Basically what i want to do is to have construct remember the state, either on or off, of the audio that the user selected when he last played the game and accordingly have a certain sprite animation show and of course have the sound play or not.

    I´ve been searching around, saw a ton of videos about localstorage but cant seem to replicate that myself so please if someone could help i would own you my life!

    I tried to post a capx but i cant post urls because i dont have enough reputation...

  • Post links like this ....


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  • Well i tried like 3 times alredy and it simply blocks my links...

    This is quite depressing, i just wanted some help...

    I really dont get all these restrictions...

    Anyways thanks for the reply i guess im just gonna have to figure it on my own...sigh

  • Just make a sprite call it SAVE and do in event sheet like this when mouse clicked on SAVE sprite that you made->go to system and click on save that will save your state.

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