How do I save the selected mouse clicked answer by the user

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  • Hi,

    Im new to Construct 2, and Im creating a game where there will be questions asked and provided with 3 answers to choose from. The answers will just be "Always" "Never" "Sometimes".

    The user will choose one of these for each question asked.

    I want whatever answer the user clicks on, to save to my phpmyadmin database.

    How do I pass this? As in, Iv watched tutorials and read up on games that are quiz like, but they use the game feature of having a predefined correct answer that displays for example " Correct!" or "Wrong" but it doesnt save the clicked answer to a database. I need the selected answer to save to database so that the answers selected can be later viewed and pulled from the database.

    Is this possible to create an event for each button/Answer to just save to database and move onto the next question?

    Thanks very much. Finding it very difficult to find a similar working example.

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