How do I save screenshot on mobile device?

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  • Hey there - another week, another question

    I want to save a screenshot from my current canvas onto my local storage on the mobile device, the app is running. Ive tried out the excample project, for saving images, but i think its only for browser / standalone machines, not for mobile.

    I switched the webstorage to localstorage too, but i cannot save the image.

    Has someone an idea?

    Second question, depending if the first one is solvable: Is it possible to rename those images on before saving local?

    Any help or ideas would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

  • Hey Congrats2u!

    You use the action System>Snapshot Canvas and, right after that, the action Browser>Invoke Download, using CanvasSnapshot as parameter. The action also let's you pick any name for the file.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!

  • Hey brunopalermo - first: thanks for your fast answer! Does this also work on mobile devices with the browser behaviour?

    Ive builded an app with cordova - so iam not sure, if this could work in an app. But it would be awesome if it does

    Thank you very much!

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  • Never tried. I don't really develop for android. Maybe dop2000 can shine some light on that, as far as I know he has developed for android before.

  • brunopalermo - Okay so i will give it a try anyway

    In my oppinion it should be possible... but probably we have to find out how

  • dop2000 Ashley do you have an idea? on ipad there is an screenshot taken, but its placed on top of the canvas and i cant save it.....

    has someone experiance how to make this thing work?

    I found this one...but there is no clear setup how to get it to run with construct2:

    Would be awesome

    Thanks in advance

  • I have had success with this using construct 2. But I had to use cranberrygame plugin cocooncanvas to get it to save to android when i built with I am hoping the plugin developer will make it work for construct 3.

  • Please tell me how can I download cocooncanvas plugin ?

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