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  • Hello Community!

    First, sorry about my englisch *g*

    Next, i bought C2 and i love it :)

    Years ago i used MMF (MultiMediaFusion) to create some... things... *hehe*

    Now i fell in love with C2, but there's one thing, that i miss.

    In MMF you could change things into a background-image, so it don't needs ressources anymore - calles "paste into background".

    Example: Animation of ObjectX is over = paste into background

    Means: When an animation of an object is over, an background-object of the last visibly frame will be createt on the same spot - and it don't need any ressources (great for permanent visible blood, dirt, bullets, corpses, whatever *g*).

    In C2 EVERY object needs power/ressources, i think.

    In one experiment i created sprite-object every tick, in another experiment i created tiled-backgrounds (blood-sprites, for example, that don't disappears). In both cases the framerate goes down when the objects counts more then 11k, whether sprites or backgrounds.

    Is there a way to create those "backgrounds" and save power/ressources?

    Thans and sorry again for my english (thanks google translate *hehe*)

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  • For example, here are 2 variations of some "tests" i create now.

    THE FIRST ONE uses sprites, wo are "growing" (okay, in this case i know why the framerate goes down when the object-counter reaches ~2,5k). Need a bit time to see the effect ;)

    THE SECOND ONE uses only background-objects - but when object-counter reaches more then ~13k, the framerate also goes down... :(

    In MMF, when i "create" an background-object, the frames don't go down...

    Is there a way to manage this in C2?

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