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  • Hello.

    I accidentally saved a project while in r98 vs r95 after someone told be try the 98 beta for a function. R98 is way to unstable, and I am having a lot of problems with it. Is there anyway I can somehow revert or change this, so I can open it up in r95?

    Or, maybe a way to copy all the information into a new project file? Anything really.. Thanks guys!

  • You can't. Make sure you didn't overwrites the backup file and try to restore it.

  • You can, but won't always work. Go into the project file, opening it with a text editor, and change the r number back. I've had to do this a few times and it has always worked.

  • Andy! Thank you so much! Worked like a charm. I really appreciate it, and hope others find this useful. Thanks again!

  • ginchpuppy - excellent news, glad it was useful!

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  • Be careful - if you added anything new you may corrupt your project by doing this.

    (Can someone confirm? Is 'corrupt' the right word?)

  • Editing the version number lets the old build open it, but if the file format has changed at all it might break it. I sometimes need to change the file format and I only make sure new builds can open old projects, not that old builds can open new projects (it's impossible to predict future changes anyway!). So it will probably work, but not always. I wouldn't recommend it in general - that's why C2 by default stops you doing that.

  • I installed 2 Constructs stable and beta, so there 2 directories like "Program Files/Construct 2" and "Program Files/Construct 2 BETA" sometimes if you installed lastest version and open .capx file from desktop, it opens r98, otherwise, i open C2 icon on desktop which is from stable folder and open .capx, so it should to work if you never save for r98.

  • Joannesalfa

    If you install the stable release again after the beta, the .capx files will be opened in the stable release by default. I usually do this if I need to keep using the stable release because of bugs and such.

  • Why can't I find the place to change the version from R98 to R95.... I tried opening my .capx file with a text editor... a lot of symbols but no r98 :(

  • Wicstar

    You need to open the .caproj file. If you've only saved your project as a .capx you can open the .capx with WinRAR (or something similar) and edit the .caproj file inside.

  • Awesome thanks a bunch it works !!!

  • So far I have not had any problems by opening it up in a text editor and changing the r number. Works fine on my side, but I did not do many changes to the file when I was working with it in r98.

    How often do new beta's get finalized?

    Wicstar, did you open it up in notepad (PC)?

    Should be towards the top(8th line down on my side), look something like: <saved-with-version>9800</saved-with-version>

    Just change that 8 to a 5 ;)

  • We aim to release beta releases every week, and stable updates every 6 weeks. So hopefully a broken beta will be replaced by a stable or new beta release after not too long.

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