How do I save progress to Google Drive / iCloud?

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  • Hi there,

    I was hoping someone could help me here. I am looking to be able to save progress of my game to Google Drive and iCloud. Right now if my game is installed and then deleted any progress is deleted. It gets annoying when it comes to testing my game and making updates later down the line when I have got quite far in the game.

    On Google Play I've already added the Google Drive option on the developer control panel, but what do I need to do on Construct 2 so it would automatically backup progress?

    I would then like to do the same on iOS.



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  • I am not sure if this is not a violation of their Terms Of Service. I would look into that first.

    If that is clear, then I would look at using the Google Spreadsheet in combination with a form. This would allow you to submit data to the spreadsheet, but I am not entirely clear on how you would retrieve said data, aside from picking apart the DOM.

    If you are just looking for a free server, use Amazon Web Services. They offer free virtual micro servers for one year. (then like $20/mo after)

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