How do I save positions to an Array.

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  • I have some objects scattered around the map. I want to save these positions to an array, so that it can be read later.

    I want to save the positions and the angles of several objects as they spawn to an array and load them on a function call.

    I also need to be able to delete entries from the Array, as these objects can be picked up, and should no longer be present in the array.

    * I was thinking to use. On created. then Array>Push to add the objects in the list. (something like that)

    * As an object is picked up (Destroyed) i want to delete a whole row of X.

    * As a function is called. I want to spawn (Create) objects according to the array in the correct positions.

    I don't need to save them as they are created. Another solution would also be to Save all the positions on a function call, which ever is better.

    My array would look something like this.

    Would this work?

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