How do I save player data externally

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  • Hi,

    I am making a game and it uses a coin system to buy other characters that the player can use to play the game (like a character shop).

    I would like the variable that stores the quantity of the coins to be stored externally.

    I am familiarized with localstorage but using this method if the player formats or changes cellphones that info would be lost.

    Is there a way to store that kind of info on the cloud?.

    I saw in other posts/tutorials that the recommendation was to use rex's plugin to make a login system but I would like to use googleplay account to log in the players to my app so its as most transparent as possible for the player (not typing User and Password).

    The stored info would look like this:

    Playername: GoogleID

    Coins: variable quantity of coins

    MaxStageReached: variable

    I hope the post is understood correctly, otherwise feel free to ask for clarifications

  • If you are using IAP's Google Play will keep track of the purchases, i do believe.

    Google "restoring purchases in construct 2" and/or "restoring purchases Google Play"

  • Oh, thanks jeffige , I did not know that about IAPs that could be restored.

    Unfortunately, I am not planning to use IAPs, the coins in the game are gathered by playing the stages only. That is the info I would like to save externally and without using a custom login system

  • Ah, so it's like a Mario game, in only that you are collecting coins, not purchasing them.

    Then take a look at this. It's a tutorial on saving high scores using a website, but the info could prove useful.

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  • Great!!! Thank you very much!

    That tutorial seems really helpful. I am gonna try it.

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