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  • Greetings,

    i have made a game and exported for android, then made it apk with intel xdk. (with android option) but there is a problem, when i close the game, my progress vanishes. (i can go to menu without closing game and i can continue my progress when i touch start) i made "system - save" for every layout, and when the progress saved, after touch start in the menu layout, the system would load game where i left the game but it doesn't load and the game starts at episode 1 again. how can i make a perfect save-load system?

  • Android stuff aside - does it work when you test it on PC?

  • no it doesnt

  • Then you've probably got the save/load process down wrong. Can you post your capx?

  • i am new and i dont know so many things about construct 2

    do i possibly have a problem with array or dictionary storages? i didn't insert them

  • Here is my capx

  • Run your Menu in debug, and you'll see that the variable 'save' is already equal to 1, but the condition that loads your 'mysave' saved game requires that 'save<1' which it never is, so your saved game will never load.

  • But after finishing first level, system substracts 1 (as you see in event sheet 1) from save and "compare variable 'save<1' should work.

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  • It doesn't matter what happens after the first layout.

    If, as you say in your OP,

    [quote:iwb27m08]when i close the game, my progress vanishes

    then obviously, it cannot reload your save game at the menu when you reload your game because the variable condition check will never be correct.

  • Hmm ,do you have an idea for what should i do?

    Thanks in advance

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