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  • hello guys, I apologize for my English!

    my problem: I can not save image file on sd when I use intel XDK. Everything works fine in preview but not when I export to cordova and import in XDK: pressing the SAVE button nothing happens.

    Thank you for your help

  • Possibly has to do with very strict SD card access limitations in KitKat. You basically need root and patch some things to freely work with an SD card, otherwise it's all walled in - if I'm not mistaken you can only access a subfolder named after your app in a specific location.

  • thanks for reply. My phone has root and I made the patch to avoid kitkat limitations; moreover, in the preview mode everything works well and the images are perfectly saved in gallery. The problem arises when import my project in XDK [android-crosswalk].

  • in XDK, did you check that all plugins are included ?

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  • no, in XDK [1621] I have selected in "standard cordova plugin" camera, device, file transfer, while in "featured cordova & custom plugin" only camera plugin.

    I tried "invoke download" and "open URL in new windows" with the browser component, and then I tried with the plugin SaveFile [by Pod if I remember correctly]. All work perfectly in chrome preview but after the import in XDK nothing happens, or better, Camera work fine but after snapshot no file is created and nothing is saved in gallery, [in both emulation panel and after compiling apk with "crosswalk for android" build way]

    edit: same problem occurs in attempts to generate other files, for example, I tried to save a text string using "invoke downloads of string" with the browser component, that works perfectly in chrome preview, but not in XDK

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