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  • A Template comes with Construct 2 ... Instance variable: Level Begineer

    in this Template each instance has their own click counting separately


    But if i want to remember

    means i want to save all click of each instance with local storage

    than how we can do it


    i have try this by myself but it saving only one "highest click" for each instance.

    pls tell me how we can do this

  • Just to be sure, you want the value of the instance variable of a sprite into a local storage?

  • in this file every instance is counting by a text file

    but now i want every instance should be remembered by local storage

    then how it could be possible ???

  • In this particular case,it's easy..just use Array


  • this is cool

    its saving

    but could you explain with comment in each event that what is that doing with command

    so that i can grab it for my practice

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  • ..but could you explain with comment in each event that what is that doing..

    I'm sorry but I think that's a little bit excessive...

    BtnRestart on clicked-Restart Layout

    i think this is clear..also LocalStorage..

    On Start-check

    if missing -do someting

    if exists-get

    on get-do something

    only the array can be a little confusing..if you do not visualize how it actually looks example you have 5 instance of same sprite..first instance always have IID=0;second=1

    just like frames in animation..array same case..first cell have index=0;second=1 etc

    so when you click on instance with save "clickCount"value in array on index 2

    then you save Array as Json...

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