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  • Hi Everybody,

    Kind of a general question really, as i haven't worked with savegames yet.

    If someone playing my game were to save their progress, then that evening I updated the game with cooler graphics, bigger map, a new enemy etc.

    Would that savegame still be loadable, with the new version?

    Would it get corrupted/invalidated by the update causing the player to lose all their progress just because I wanted to make trees look nicer?

    Thanks in advance!

  • ... -savegames

    [quote:32tpu308]'No Save' behavior

    Anything with the No Save behavior will not be saved, and won't be affected when loading. It is good practice to add the No Save behavior to any static objects, such as scenery and backgrounds. It can also be used on automatically-updated objects like the HUD and text objects which are updated every tick. This won't make any difference to the game, but it makes savegames smaller and faster to save and load, since the unnecessary information is omitted. (It's also necessary to make continuous preview work effectively.)

    Changing the project after saving

    Savegames should be robust to changes in your project. You should be able to add, remove and reorder various things like variables, behaviors and other objects, and still have old savegames load successfully. Note however anything new you add won't have save data for it, so will not be affected when loading. Also note if you remove anything from the project it won't be able to load again either. You can delete individual instances without affecting savegames, but if you remove entire object types, layouts or layers, they will never be loaded back from a savegame.

  • Thanks Oosyrag,

    I did see that in the turtorials but wanted to make sure, I play quite a few sandbox mmo's and know how annoying an unannounced server wipe is

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  • To be clear, your save game will still work if you update a sprite.

    Best practice: make a test and try it out. Most things will work, some will not.

    If you need more fine grained control, manually pick what and what not to save in localstorage keys.

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