How do I Save my game's arrays and dictionary

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  • Hi everyone... I'm almost finished my first game (Whoohooo!!) and now implementing the save features... I have a couple of questions... so here it goes..

    1. How do I tell construct what NOT to save...

    2. Since my game works with levels (10), stages (to be added over time), score by levels, high score and level locking and unlocking... putting those variable values in an array or dictionary, will they be saved with my game or not?

    So basically, lets say I finish the 3rd level of the stage 1... I want to be able to go explore the world, come back in a couple of months and reload my game and have all those variable accessible to me so I can play from where I left off...



  • You could put the NoSave behavior on everything that does not need to be saved, or you could build your own save system using webstorage

    Since the save built in c2 is a save state, everything without NoSave behavior should be saved and loaded

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  • ok.. cool, will give it a try...


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