Save game on mobile?

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  • I just looked through the manual to see if what Im planning to do is going to be possible. It says save game does not save in cocoon? I do not necessarily need to save the game state, just variables. Im planning on implementing an upgrade store, so all I would need to save is stuff like cash available to spend, item upgrade levels, what was last selected to be used in game, etc. Am I up creek with this?

  • I just learned this the hard way. I'm looking for an answer too. Will post back here if I find something.


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  • Just tested my game with the XDK Crosswalk export and the save game worked just fine as far as I could tell.

    I have a save point at the start of every level so the player can continue where they left off if they exit the game.

    I like CocoonJS better because it locks the screen and scales nicely. XDK Crosswalk does not lock screen orientation right now so it looks unprofessional. But at least the save works. Crosswalk is pretty new so hopefully it won't be long before they fix the screen lock.

  • i have the same problem..

    my game is not saving in cocoon.

    in pc it works fine but in the mobile it doesnt work..

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