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  • Im building an android game and wanted to know if theres a way

    for when the player closes the game they resume back to the level selection screen with the unlocked levels.

    (after each level is complete a new level is unlocked in the level selection screen)

    not sure if im explaining it right

  • what if they clear there cookies? wont the save be deleted ?

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  • That's a risk you need to take , buddy ...

    You can make an database , but that's some hard stuff

    The best way is to save the informations in local data ... for now atleast !

    Cheers !

    Edit : I can make you an example .capx if you want ... Just call me with

    Whiteclaws !

  • sadly yea =/ but i love construct real simple and easy to build games for apps and thank you i managed to figure out how to save =p

  • I'm gonna have to write this too in very near future.

    If I am able to find a solution.. I'll add here... if you do .. don't forget to share :)

    There are probably 2 kind of saves I need.

    1. When player dies in a level and has to "Retry"... I'd prefer he plays from a certain checkpoint of the game.. IMHO cookies is best way here

    2. When player quits the game and comes back .. he needs to see all his completed levels as DONE as well as be able to play the uncompleted stage from the checkpoint.

    I'm sure saving some xml based info in a flat file would be easier than db (although, this is only for "installed" games) .. but I'm not yet sure how to access 'em via Scirra.

    Need to think.

  • i did manage to but sadly it requires alot of layouts and event sheets and im having trouble with cocoonjs im not sure if its cause of all the layouts and eventsheets or something else

  • It would be possible to share how you've done to save the progress?

    The trouble with cooconjs .... already tried PhoneGap + Eclipse? I did test using PhoneGap + Eclipse was better than PhoneGap Build.

    There are several games made ??in Construct2 published in GooglePlay, there is no one else who can share a tutorial on how to save progress?

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