Save Game and Effects (2 questions)

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  • Hello, I'm new in this awesome tool and I can't find answers.

    1?) What is the best way to save info in mobile game? I read that local storage can be cheated if the player change the file.

    2?) Where find more effects to add and how install it?

    (sorry my english...)

  • The latest version (r124 Beta) adds a save game feature.

    To find more effects look at the plugins, you can find listings for most of them in the relevant forums.

    I would also advise reading the manual and doing a good deal of the tutorials as they are a great resource and will answer 90% of the basic questions you have while getting familiar with Construct 2.

    Also, welcome to the community, can't wait to see what you create!

  • Thank you! But how it save the game? It is safe? And the Effects are created by the community?

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  • Does the new Save function work for iOS/Android (cocoonJs) ?

  • If you use local storage using html5 or phonegap on Android bb or IOS it uses SQL lite to save the data. SQL lite is not very secure, on Android if you have a rooted phone you can extract the archive, query it, modify it and replace it, on ios is similar.

    What you need to do is encript the data you put on the database, that way even if they read the data they will not be able to modify it in a way to cheat.

  • You can store data from multiple players in the same pc?.

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