How do I save game data?

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  • I am incredibly angry right now. I've spent about a month creating a game that's I've literally just finished (it's meant to release in a few hours from now), and all the saving and loading functions have worked just fine, and now I've exported it, loaded up the game, everything seems to be working fine until I close the game window to reopen it and find that I completely resets all the save game data. Is there anything I can do about this? I'm seriously regretting using this program due to issues like this that just make it impossible to share games.

  • Hi gomotion100,

    Maybe you should calm down, and explain the problem in more depth. For which platform did you export your game? How do you handle your save game data? Is it the first time on Construct2 that you experience such problems? Can you show screnshots of the event sheet where save games are used?

    That would be much more easier to help with those answers.

  • What save method did you use ? Did you use the save/load function or local storage. If you used local storage then this capx with help you

  • PixelPower Thank you so much. I've been searching this answer for hours, tried your method and it worked on PC.

    Hopefully it will also work on my android but that remains to be seen. Anyways thank you so much again

  • Quick update: It works on android so thank you so much once again

  • And for OP...fixed?

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  • gomotion100

    I have same problem. I used standard save/load system. In preview mode it works but with this error message:

    After pressing "OK" it loads from slot normally. On Android not working at all without error message. iOs not tested.

    Intel XDK build.

    In project i have simple system:

    First layout contains one event without conditions with two actions:

    • Load from slot
    • Go to layout "Second"

    Rest layouts contains only save actions.

    Other ways to position Load action in project did not work.

  • pixel power may i get again your caps. because u link is disable😞

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