How do I Save this game ?

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You must shoot down the enemy planes and eliminate them to earn points.
  • Take a look at the event sheet "Scoresheet" line 25.

    This line does two things

    Action 1) Keep saying the next level has value 10 (zero hearts score/unlocked)

    Action 2) Set the score (ammount of collected hearts) for your current level

    You need to seperate these two actions with a proper condition by checking the score of the levels.

    At 1)

    Check if the next level have a value less than 10 in the array. If yes, action 1) will be triggered

    At 2)

    Compare "current collected hearts+10" value with the stored value of the current level. If "current collected hearts+10" is bigger than the stored value, Action 2 will be triggered.

    Something similar has to be done aswell for line 26.

    Good luck


    I feel like sherlock holmes now

    Thank you again I will try this .

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