How do I Save during the build?

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  • I seem to be having a problem between the "Save as Project" and the "Save" buttons.

    If I choose the Save as Project button it saves right away.

    If I choose the Save button, it never finishes saving and just shows the saving window with the little green thing going across.

    I didn't have this problem before.

    I started a new project and only added a background and this takes place so I know it is nothing I am adding in.

    the game I am using will have the background from the Jungle tiles, and the tiles from another set that I purchased.

    Those are giving me a little problems but that is for another thread.

    I cannot figure out what is happening.


  • try uninstall construct 2 and install it over

  • Anything in a Storm. Will Try and report back.

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  • What device are you saving to: local, virtual or cloud?

  • It never asked me. I assumed it was saving it to my computer. ( Local)

    Reloading Construct2 seems to have done it so far. I remade a short program and did a save to the default folder.

    (I am new to all of this so I really don't completely understand all of what I am doing yet.)

    That save worked fine. I haven't reopened it and made changfes as of yet. I think I am going to just use the Control S to save from now on.

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