How do I save to created folder?

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  • I have created a game in which a folder is created using


    As to save to the player user folder. I have created a folder in this folder called saves but i'm not sure how to save a file into that folder.

    (this is not asking how to write to a external file just how i save to a subfolder within nwjs.userfolder.


  • If I understand your question properly... you should be able to write any file path into the nwjs save function. The only issue will be if you try to save to any system protected folders (like windows directory) but should be fine anywhere else.


  • How do i determine the sub folder? Just with a "\" ?

    Tried with an "&" but didn't change the path.


  • It should be something like:

    NWjs.UserFolder & "\example\test\filename.txt"

    make sure you put the quotation marks around the path, and begin with backslash. You should also be able to just straight up put a path in there like "C:\myfolder\whatever.file"

    Hopefully this helps


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  • Cheers Buddy.

    Decided in the end just to save directly to NWJS.Appfolder instead as the game being marketed at schools and stuff and they probably not happy to have stuff saved in different folders.

    Thanks a lot though.

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