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  • Does anyone have a sample .capx which would demonstrate the following:

    1. Players would log in (via email and password or an email link) to the game which is running on a server.

    2. The player's emails serve as their Peer IDs and their avatar name (selected by them) serve as their Alias IDs.

    3. The server side game would assign the players to a game room where the two (2) players would be peers and the game server would serve as the host. This is important, most importantly for security/anti-cheating purposes. I'm moderately proficient in using the multiplayer object. Keep in mind that within the "game" itself there is not any movement issues, more like an advanced tic-tac-toe game than anything else.

    FYI - I am able to follow simple php script for POST/GETS/Emails. If any other scripting is required, I can learn a sample script, if necessary.

    If you have any questions or require additional insight/information, just let me know.

    Thanks much in advance for your help!


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