Safe zone from enemies.

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  • Hi guys,

    the problem is the following:

    My main character moves around the map, and when enemies are closer to him, they chase him, however I want to have a sort of "safe zone", in my case, a river in my map.

    Is there anyway I could to to prevent them from coming into that zone, so they stop just in front of it?

    It would be like a solid, which is only solid for some objects, so they collide, and can't move through it.

    I've tried to create a sprite, and when an enemy collides with this sprite, they stop following me, but then, when I'm out of my safe zone, they won't chase me any more.

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  • Okay, nevermind, I already solved it.

    I have a player variable, which tells me if I'm on earth or in water.

    I set the enemies to chase me just when I'm on earth.

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