Is safe the local savegame?

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  • Hi everybody,

    I have a good question because I am a little bit confused about the savegame on construct2...

    if we like to make some GDR ( a lot of items, life, power...etc..) we need to savegame all of the data, the maps( where is player on the map, what he miss...etc...)

    I tested the local savegame and it's working... the problem is when I remove the cache from the computer...(bye bye savegame)

    now, i don't know how work the google store (if it has some special folder for the app (like a folder where all files are save ..etc)

    now, I need to now the best system to make a local savegame, for don't delete the savegame from by mistake... because when I save the game, if i delete the cache I will lost all of the data!!

    Thank you!!!

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  • I don't think it's safe to save the local when someone use software to wipe out all browser data.

    Basically, you need to use JSON to store all data, it's portable. It can be used to any computer.

    Unfortunately C2 doesn't introduce File reader system for all browsers, but Node-webkit already includes file system.

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