Runtime Trigger in FaceBookGames seems not working

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  • Hello Everybody,

    i develope a game in construct 2. It is a facebook game and the first version is released. Now i want to make a update and implement new stuff.

    First of the new stuff will be a achievement system. I found but it was not the best solution for my game so i decided to create my own Plugin. I'm able to create achievements, grant this, check if user have it, show all achievements are available, scores ..... so it is cool but:

    In my testgames and releases it works perfect so i implement it in my "real" game and it is not working. The php call is different (the names of the postvariable are different ......

    this is als not working

    self.runtime.trigger(cr.plugins_.AchievementLab.prototype.cnds.OnComplete, self);

    could anybody help me ?


  • Nobody?

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  • I solved it. It.created a var and defind it with self.runtime

  • If you search Facebook developers site you will find info on Facebook game achievements. I'd link you but it's a pain to do from my iPad.

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