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  • im currently trying to make a "game" that will help me at work, basicly do my night audit calculations for me. at the moment, im trying to write the program using an Array for the numbers i need to put into certain places before i add and subtract. the main problem im facing, is when i make changes, it refuses to show that in the run phase. it took nearly 30-60 mins before it changed the background correctly i had. its hard to tell if the changes i make are helping or not. any insight would be appreciated. and no rush really, im going to write this in down time at work. thanks

  • a capx and description of exactly what you're trying to accomplish would be very helpful

  • i dont think a cap, or a screen shot will help in any way, seeing as i dont have much going, but a few lines of stuff, which im not sure if im even doing right, its really a long test and if it dont work try somethign else project - its just frustrating that when i change any aspect of this, it refuses to show when i hit run, or hit f5. if i dlete a backgorund, or add one, it takes a long while to show up, is there something that forces the program to catch up while debugging?

  • All I can think of from the info given is first, make sure you're previewing in chrome or web-nodekit and make sure your browser isn't cacheing your past work or something like that.

  • ill try in a diff browser, i realized im using IE =\

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  • ya, that was it... stupid Internet Explorer... Chrome Worked Perfectly

  • Sounds like a cache problem. Keep this in mind when the problem occurs. I get this come up every so often. Mostly if you run from a webserver. But I guess IE can causes problems too even when C2 does preview mode.

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