How do I run NW.JS without the elevated PPP windows display?

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  • I have 1080p screen, so to make all stuff bigger i use a windows7 features that makes all 125% ppp(DPI scaling). With this the icons,letters,etc.. is much better readable.

    There is an option on the .exe aplications, in the compatibility tab to turn off that but now works, construct2 or NW.JS

    So, looking for a solution i saw you can do this in CSS

    @media only screen and( -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.25 ),
           only screen and(      -o-min-device-pixel-ratio: 5/4 ),
           only screen and( min-resolution: 120dpi ),
           only screen and( min-resolution: 1.25dppx ) {
        body {
            font-size: 1rem;
    } [/code:1e0ggpa7]

    screen and (min-resolution: 120dpi) { [/p] /*body {transform: scale(0.8);width: 125%;height: 125%;margin-left: -12.5%;}*/[/p] body {transform: scale(0.8);transform-origin:top left;width: 125%;height: 125%;}[/p] }[/code:1e0ggpa7][/p] [/p] Source: [url=] ... 3#24958483[/url][/p] [/p] Tried to use the "CSS Import" with a .css file with that and run NW.JS, but no luck, the ratio and other stuff changed, so seems can be changed but no idea of what i'm doing, really.[/p] [/p] Is there any way to run NW.JS apps with the PPP feature disabled to avoid blur apps with this option enabled?

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  • In a Html5, if i put that code in the css style, the page displays changes from 100% to 80 to correct the W7 DPI scaled and works.

    So, the idea is try to do the same with a NW.JS app, or try another settings or approach i don't know, already lost 2 days with this and no idea how to fix it :S

    The unique way is using Letterbox integer scale, that shows the canvas correctly and images at correct size, but with black bars around it due the 25%

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