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  • This has happened twice to me. The first time I went to an older version of my project that didn't seem to be having this problem, I figured it was because I moved some of my files and it got messed up. But C2 seems to be intent on loading a specific layout that is not the one I've chosen to be the start and I have no idea why it would be doing this. I didn't move anything or do anything weird to my knowledge, I've mostly just been adding a lot of sprites. I did also create a few different event sheets for some layouts and then included the main event sheet, but I don't know why that would matter if I've denoted a specific layout for C2 to start on. Ideas?

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  • I also make sure that I am currently on the layout I want to open just in case that gets it confused because I know there's the option to start on whichever layout you're currently on, but I wouldn't think it should matter either.

  • In preview, C2 loads (normally) the last displayed layout in the editor (I think a keyboard shortcut can force the designed first layout to be used, was it Shift + clicking the preview button?), if a layout is currently displayed, it will preview it, also sometimes C2 choose a random layout to preview if an event sheet is displayed it seems, not sure why.

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