Run Layout, doesn't run lay out....

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  • So I click the little play button at the top to run my layout to test my game. Works all the time. I exported the project as an HTML5 website to share with some friends and get feedback. Now when I click run lay out it does nothing. So to see/test my changes I have to export the entire project again to dropbox which is kinda frustrating. Construct hasn't done this to me in the past.

    Any idea what's wrong? I looked at the preferences and everything seems normal on the exporter tab.

  • Does the keyboard shortcut "F5" or "F4" (in C2) work any better ?

    Are you sure you haven't your browser in the back running the game's tab when you "Preview layout" ? If so, the tab might be updated but the browser not bring to the front.

    Also sometimes you need to refresh the game's tab to see changes to textures or stuff like that.

  • Well I finished working on it and shut off my PC, turned on today and works fine. Guess I'll never know

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  • Sometimes when you run multiple instances of C2, things get mixed up and the preview doesn't work. Happened to me the other day when my PC bugged and didn't close programs properly. Is fixed by reboot, so it could be that.

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