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  • I have recently started using construct 2. I have my background 1 and main layout how they should be, with my sprites on the layout. I have made sure the correct layout/background is locked and the main one is not. When I click run to test my game, all I see is just the original background. I have been watching walkthroughs on this and it appears I am doing everything right. What should I do now since I can't even see my sprites when I press run??

  • You can't really "lock" a layout.

    If you meant layer then make sure the background layer is behind the main layer ( Check the screen below )

  • I have that correct but when I click run all I get is just the background. I believe it may have to do with html5 but I have no idea what to do about that or how to enable it/get it. plus chrome says its already up to date. I don't know how to make construct preview a game in a browser other than chrome.

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  • Are your sprites on the right layer and your Main a higher layer number than the background?

    Locking just makes it so you don't accidentally edit items in that layer.

    If you can put your .capx up somewhere like dropbox we can probably pin point what you did pretty quick.

    Silly question.. when you say layout, do you have more than one layout? If so make sure your game properties (to left when main layout is selected) is set to start at the layout you want it too.

  • Another possibility....

    By default, the first Layer has the 'Transparency' property set to 'No', where as every new Layer has it set to 'Yes'.

    So if the first Layer is above the others, then only the background would show.

    Make sure this Layer is Layer 0 and is at the bottom of the list of Layers, or change it's Transparency.

    It really would make things much quicker and easier if you uploaded your .capx.

    Use a free service such as Dropbox, Google, Microsoft etc, save as a single file (.capx) and post the link here.

    To get around you not having enough rep to post URLs, just add a space in the HTTP part of the URL.

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