How do I run exesecure program?

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  • Hi

    i need help with .exe and exesecure program

    1.- i export to exe (node-webkit) release 168 64bit and release 170

    2.- run the exeSecureWrapper22.exe "Secure your .EXE & Authorize someone - in 7 steps"

    3.- but... the new program not run...

    help me

    tnks! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

  • This is probably something you'd want to ask exeSecure, but I suspect it's because exeSecure encrypts executable files in a way that breaks Node-Webkit features, or makes some of the scripts that are in the executable unreadable by the JavaScript interpreter in Webkit due to encryption.

  • From theire FAQ (already Point #2):

    I secured a .exe file, but it won't launch.

    When an .exe-file tries to read from itself, like a self-extracting .exe or setup.exe it will fail. Our wrapper encrypts it, so that the .exe can no longer read from itself, and fails to function.

    You could e-mail us the file so we could look at it.

    So, as you try to wrap a wrapped app, the wrapped wrapper got disrupted.

    I would suggest to do as stated in the FAQ and send them the file that they can look into it.

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  • pablorocco, I am trying to do something similar to this. Just wanted to check if you had any further luck with this software? thanks!

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