How do i run C2 from a network folder?

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  • alright

    i looked trough the forum and didnt find anything similar, this is the scenario:

    where i work we have a lotta free time infront of a PC, we have limited acces so we cannot create any folder or document on the pc but we have a network folder where wecan store stuff (like the C2 installation folder)

    Also, we cant take pendrives or something similar to the site, so i try to run C2 from the network folder and it opens but then a message comes up which says that windows has found an error on C2 and it needs to close.

    btw we have Windows 7, i have no admin acces what can i do?

  • I use Dropbox or Google Drive

  • I use Dropbox or Google Drive

    for what? run it from gDrive?

    i already have the installer, also C2 installed on my network folder but i cant run it (it runs but crash)

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  • try with another web browser and update java script

  • try with another web browser and update java script

    what are you talking about?

    i cannot open it (gDrive or dropbox) because they are blocked! is not blocked so i've already downloaded it, and installed it but i cant run it, it shows an error and construct2 has crashed!

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