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  • Hey, I'm making a sort of simulation game in Construct 2, and when I use the Node-Webkit exporter, the game pauses when I minimize it. Is there some sort of way where I can make it so when it's minimized or inactive, the game still runs? (or even better, it hides to the taskbar when you minimize it)?

    Thank you.

  • Hey Pol,

    Havent tried it myself but have you got "Pause on unfocus" set to no in the project properties section? (that's the left hand side of the screen where you set the window resolution an such.

    If that doesn't work Im sure it will in the next couple of versions.

  • Just want to bumb this thread and ask about the Node-Webkit at any time will support this? Because as I'm working on a simulation game it would be very useful to let it continue to run when I've minimized it on my desktop.

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  • I set "pause on unfocus" to No but it seems Chrome does not want this and pauses the game as soon as you switch to another tab.

    But if I remember correctly it worked a few times when testing my project. But I can't reproduce it yet. :/

  • Even native apps have limitations to run in background, so Web/HTML5 applications would likely get paused when they get minimized on mobile platforms. It is understandable for battery saving concern etc.

    Maybe one workable solution is to use some sort of timestamping techniques such that next time when the app wakes up, it knows that some time has already elapsed and the game behaves as required e.g. completing a game task etc.

  • Did u find solution?

  • I'm going to go ahead and bump this, I have a similar issue.

  • It didn't used to. But it does this now. I'd rather it didn't pause on unfocus.

  • Did anyone ever solve this?


  • the only way as of now of doing this is storing real world time when the app losses focus and then comparing the time when it regains it.

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