How do I run animations perfectly in a combo system?

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  • Hi. I'm working on a fighting game right now and I'm gonna have some combos for it as well. I have a combo that is done by hitting one button over and over, so when you hit the button for the first time, animation 1 will run, when you hit it again animation 2 etc. But there's a problem, I want all of animations to be run one after another, no matter how many times the player hits the button, like I want animation 2 to start right after animation 1 finishes and etc.

    Any suggestions?


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  • The approach depends on how the rest of the game works. Like for this you could just toggle a variable on and off, or between 1 and 2, every time you press the key and swap animations. But that approach might not work if you have more elaborate combos later on.

  • every time a button is pressed, add it to a queue (array of pending combos), then when the player's current animation is finished, start the next one in the queue.

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