RTS, micro mechanic?

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  • Is this possible in Construct2?

    I wanted to build some sort of unit control RTS mechanic.


    Click or drag a box around a sprite/image, click somewhere, and have it go there.

    I was thinking I would need to utilize variable driven animation and Mouse.X, Mouse.Y.

    Perhaps something like,


    move angle towards mousex,mousey

    move ?

    but does anyone have an idea they could share with me to make this a lot better or easier?

    another idea I had was to implement some sort've grid or tile system.

    Using two variables, isSelected for the unit and tileSelected, that way it's less gimicky trying to force the position of where the mouse clicked, as I can't seem to find an event to assign a X/Y of where was clicked.

    any help on something grid like as well?

    Thanks. :)

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  • In the how do I FAQ I remember there is a:

    Several RTS mechanics (camera movement, selecting units, etc...) - LINK

    It might be worth to check out, but the example is quite old now, so maybe stuff in it can be made differently now.

    This should still give you a first step in the right direction.

  • Thanks! Link digging brought me to TheLure's WalkTo demo which gave me a great concept of how to achieve what I want.

    I feel like a reaalll noob, should've checked that FAQ.

    Forgive me.


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