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  • Hey everybody! I'm so glad I can be a part of C2. (Best invested money ever )

    Well, now I work on a RTS game, but I'd like to work with Static buildings with uppgrade possibilities. Unfortunatuly, I'm quite new to this, but I know already few things. Maybe its bull5&!7, but I create Menu (Bckground with buttons), Global Numbers (Gold, Lumber - every kid can do that, I know) and now I am lost You can take a look on screens What I provide ou here.

    Yes, yes... Tutorials, guide books.... I read a lot of that, but my eyes hurts right now, thats why I'm writes here. If someone have an idea, write me.

    Good rest of a day guys!!!


    PS: I dont want from anyone to do my job, just looking for some kick into my butt.

  • Soooo.... What's the question exactly?

    Sorry, I'm not sure I understand what you need help with.

  • To create an object (Building - Using those 3 squares) as a static buildings with upgrade possibility and generating resources. Because all of the guides what I read before was for direct manipulation with Sprites and now I stuck.

  • Well, a quick and dirty way you can do it is by using sprite animations.

    e.g. For every free spot on the hill where you can build, place a sprite which is either set to invisible or has a clear animation so you can't see it. Each sprite also has other animations of different buildings which aren't shown at start. Now set conditions like,

    If player selects sprite

    + player clicks pink button

    + sprite is clear

    + Gold > 100

    • -> set sprite animation to "Barracks" + Subtract 100 from gold

    (So if we select a clear sprite and click the "build barracks" button, and have enough gold, we build a barracks)

    If player selects sprite

    + player clicks blue button

    + sprite animation is "Barracks"

    + Gold > 200

    + Lumber > 100

    --> set sprite animation to "BarracksUpgrade1" + subtract 200 from gold + subtract 100 from lumber

    (So if we select a "barracks" sprite and click the upgrade button, and we have enough resources, we upgrade the barracks)

    For resource generation, you can use variables like e.g. give Barracks a variable Money and do something like this:

    Variable Money>0 --> subtract 1 from Money (you can also use delta time)

    Variable Money=0 --> set Money to 100 + Add 5 to gold

    (This means each barracks will generate 5 gold every short interval)

    Anyway, that's one way to do it. Probably could use some finesse and tuning to suit your needs as they come up.

  • I still trying to figure it out by myself, but what you wrote is great. Now I'm trying to make something like Idle Clicker for Web browser (Think its easier for me). But that level system is realy hard

    As you can see (If you can see) those red L's on two squares, that means LOCKED. So I need to creat a condition to NOT generate money and lumber till its unlocked with 5 levels of first building and a lot of money/lumber.

  • Just add another variable and use it as a condition for resource generation, like e.g.

    Variable Money>0 + Variable Level>5 --> subtract 1 from Money

    This is will prevent Money cooldown from reducing unless Level is greater than 5. You can then modify Level each time you upgrade a building.

  • Cheers SputnikCZ,

    as far as I understood, you want to give the player money and lumber as soon as they unlock the building - not before? The simplest way, which comes in my mind, declare a local bool (or a variable is also possible):

    if amout of buildings < 0 then

    activate group "produce"


    deactivate group "produce"

    ... or in a picture:

    (this should have minimal impact on cpu, because you are not checking something on "every second")

    Hopefully, thats what you needed to know (getting tired...).

    Best regards


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  • Cheers Proxy!

    Ah, I'm new in this (Whole programing) but I learn quickly


    There is my capx.

  • Cheers Proxy!

    Ah, I'm new in this (Whole programing) but I learn quickly


    There is my capx.

    Hi again,

    no problem .

    If you got answers you can write me a pm, if Im only and see it, ill write back ;P



  • If you are a quick learner, willing to work hard, and willing to learn Java, we will grab you for our project. You would also be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which requires that you be of legal consent age or your parents must sign it on your behalf.

  • gumshoe, thank you so much for your proposal.

    Unfortunatully I must decline. I am co-founder of SoftWork Group, team of six people and we are working and learning how to work with C2. It is quite new for all of us but it's great software and it worth to buy! If you want, we can discuss some cooperation. I am open to everything what can bring something new to us or someone else!

    Cheers, Robert a.k.a Sputnik

  • Yep, np.

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