RPG style movement?

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  • okay, so i'm making an rpg, but i can't get the movement right.

    i set the object to use the four way movement (i'm using 8 way movement behaviour), but when i test the movement, the character is rotating and it's animations are flipping and mirroring. it also is moving at a fluent pace, and i want it to move like a character moves in an old rpg game.

    please tell me how to fix this. i need this game finished in time for a contest.

  • Hello in the settings for the behavior of 8way, there is a Rotate setting set to no, actually I think its called 360.

    For the second part I think you mean you want the guy to look as if he is walking to the right when you move him right. what you can do whichs works well is create 4 different animations in the Sprite, North, East, South, West. In each of those have 4 or so different frames that show movement, then in your Events, you have a condition that says if Right Arrow pressed change to East animation, when Up is pressed, change to north etc... works pretty well and is simple.

  • thanks for the first part! that really helped me out!

    but, i should have been more clear with the second part.

    the plugin brings all sorts of physics to the table, such as acceleration and inertia and whatnot, and i just want the character to move so that as soon as you let go of the key, it stops. i'll figure it out on my own. thanks though :D

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