RPG Runaway Movement Issue

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  • Hi everyone, First post!

    I recently got into making a few small games using Construct 2. I am very new and have only learnt a few basics.

    I am currently working on a small RPG game with similar mechanics to Pokemon and Zelda.

    The Problem

    I am using the Runaway behavior to control my NPC random movement. I have assigned 4 directional animations my my player character and now I am trying to assign animations to the NPC however I can't quite seem to get it to work.

    I am trying to get the game to detect when the NPC (orc) is moving and to detect it's angle. Then depending on the angle of movement, it plays an animation that associates with that direction.

    Here is the file: mediafire.com

    Can someone please take a look at it and see what I am doing wrong.. haha.



  • Can anyone help?

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  • Looks like the runaway behavior isn't actually using the custom movement behavior, so all of the values for that are 0 each tick. I would post in the behavior author's post to see if he could expose the direction it decided to move the sprite via system expressions. Until then, all you could do would be to try to trap the delta of the x and y via system variables.

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