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  • Greeting, guys, hope everyone is awesomely great and that those games are cracking! I'm learning the ropes bit by bit and each time i end up more into it than before, had the chance to write some nice game ideas and mechanics and looking forward to clear some questions. Planning to make a platform with rpg elements, want to build a nice tale with quests and want to get to know how to go about it in C2. I would like to make a sequence of quest from different NPCs, at the very beggining there will only be one NPC available, as you finish the quest/task more NPCs spawn with their own quest and so on. There will be different layouts to go to to finish certain ones, i would like to be able to trigger more than 1 quest at a time and manage to make it feel fluent. A very important mechanic will be that once you finished certain quests, the map will change, buildings will be constructed, later on renovated and the various NPCs will help achieve different renovations and changes. What's the way to start organizing this? Looking forward to reply, suggestions and help. Highly appreciated!!!

  • Waiting for some appreciated love, looking very forward on buying C2 as well.

  • Have you tried anything? You won't know where you get stuck until you try it, and once you get stuck, perhaps a more specific question and/or a supporting capx will get you some pertinent answers.

    I'd make a tiny map, put two questgivers on it, make one invisible, and then some invisible improvements, and then see if you can get that to become visible once the initial quest is complete.

    Good luck!

  • It sounds like quest status variables are the way to go. If you have a large amount of quests, you may want to organize the state of each quest in a single array - each position in the array represents a quest, and you can set numbers for the state (1 for inactive/not started, 2 for active, 3 for completed. Then use those to create conditions for your world.

  • :) You can group a series of events in a single array position?

  • Why would you need to in this case? Each quest complete stage is a discrete item, as is each element in an array. Why don't you try making a quick demo and see for yourself where you fall into trouble?

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  • I think kraed's question is a good one, and one I'm interested in myself. I like to use best practise, and don't want to re-invent the wheel each time. So is there anyone else here who's created an RPG with non-linear quests that could share some wisdom?

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