How do I [RPG] Player Entering buildings & Dialogue Box

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm having trouble with some basic things,

    .1 How do i make my player teleport from one layout to another?

    Like i'm on the layout ("town") my player walks in front of a house door and gets teleported in the layout2 "inside house"

    I can only make the system go to layout 2 but the player sprite doesn't follow and i don't know how to do it.

    (it has to be the same sprite/player with all the stats and upgrades.)

    .2 How do i make a text inside a dialogue box going forward by clicking a "next" sprite/button?

    Thank you for your help.

  • For your first question: All you have to do is set 'Global' to 'Yes' in the Object type properties for the sprite and it will just automatically appear in the 'inside house' layout when it loads.

    For your second question, you could have two text boxes, one on top of the other, the first text box (underneath the second) is set to 'visible' the second (on top) is set to 'invisible.'

    When the player hits the next button, the second text box is set to visible.

    Or did you want the text to actually move?

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  • Thank you very much! The first problem is solved

    About the dialogue, i'm not sure, i think it would be better to use the "set text" action, or i would have to create a huge amount of "text boxes".

    I don't want the text to move by the way, just be able to display 2 or 3 text boxes using the same "next" button.

    (Like in every j-rpg in case i'm not really clear)

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