How do you make a rpg game in Consruct 2?

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  • How do you make a rpg game in Consruct 2?

  • what you want to do?

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  • The same with every other game, start by planning.

    Any kind of game is possible with C2, but try not to target such as large scale project too early on without much experience with the engine!

  • How to make an RPG game on C2 .

    The question is too Big !

    Try to ask questions step by step ...

  • someone? super Tutorial?

  • a tutorial on "how to make an RPG" will only result in a lot of similar games and just a little learning. I don't think this is the right way to go.

    Start by researching, try to find out what other people have done already for this kind of genre, look for .capx files and see how it's done. There's no magic formula to create an RPG or any other kind of game. You must create your own formula, your own workflow.

    Then, when you're ready, start planning it. Try to make a list of things that you want in your game, and try to find out how to turn those things into reality. Also, play other RPG games. You can only create a game when you KNOW how that kind of game is supposed to be.

    Work hard and good luck!

  • Hey guys thanks for all your help and suggestions. A lot of you said that my question is too big, so I'll narrow it down. How do you make a health bar? How can you make different screens appear (like an inventory screen or character status screen) with the click of a button. If possible, how do you get a first person view? All help is appreciated.

  • Before you get in too deep, maybe start out with something simple like a top down RPG ala Zelda and get your feet wet there.

    There is a very extensive tutorial for beginners that covers top down shooters, use that as a template and work on world maps, enemies, etc.

  • Fasi , check out the frequently asked questions in the how do I section !

    The post responds to all your questions ! Remember ... With C2 , ( almost :D ) Everything is possible !

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