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  • RPGs have several playable characters, think Final Fantasy and it's in game menu. You usually have 3-4 playable characters at a time and you can change slots which would change the characters position in battle from slot 1 to slot 3 or whatever character you swapped with.

    Usually I would do this with an array and try to use 4 variables for the player slots for the menu and the in game battle system.

    However it does not seem to be working, anyone have an idea of doing this in construct? I tried porting over my RPG system from Game Maker... not moving along nicely.

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  • As you already thought, an array is the way to go imo.

    You can even so so far as to implement it in your character stats array.

    each character has it's own x of the array.

    so x = 0 is Cloud, x = 1 is Tifa and so on. An on some y (partyy) they have information like: is in party if it is 1, and is not in party if 0. And on some other y (othery) you could save the menu position.

    When populating your menu you can do:

    for every X AND system compare array.at(array.curx, partyy) = 1:

    display character X at slot array.at(array.curx, partyy)

    Other operations like assigning new positions won't be hard either, just a bit of typing of course, as usual with arrays.

  • Would this be easier to create as a plugin? I prefer programming over events.

    Even with events pos x,y,z would still need to hold player x,y,z's variables and this is the part I'm confused about.

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