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  • My games just about finished. But I'm having a real hard time making an inventory. So I'm outsourcing it out. I'll pay anyone 10 USD upon delivery of an inventory system that works like this:

    .CSV plug in to read data from docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc

    A platform behavior player with the following instance variables:

    MAX HP






    When the player destroys a monster, if lck > random number, drop an item

    item is an object with animation frames for each item in the CSV file. So a random number for the item/animation frame. Would be between 0 and 43 for example.

    Player collides with item, set first open slot from an inventory array of 20 spaces to filled. Using a pause menu, access a visual inventory. Hover over item to read item description. Click to equip/de-equip. If item clicked, set first open slot for equip array of 8 spaces filled.

    For each filled equip slot, add item's data from CSV to player's instance variables.

    Think anyone can help me out here? I can pay by paypal on delivery.

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