How do I make an RPG?

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  • I am very new to construct and I'm looking for someone I can just bounce questions and ideas off of. I am making a sort of RPG as a learning experience to allow me to make more complex games later on. I'll post an image of my current coding but message me if interested!

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    • Engaging story
    • Complex and quirky characters
    • Explorable world
    • Thorough (but not too thorough, don't go all Path of Exile on me) character stat/item development.

    We are building an MMORTS, so if you are willing to work for free, we can find a home for you. We have an RPG on the drawing board at the moment too, but it has to wait for a bit.

  • Gumshoe- I'm having issues creating sprint/walk animations play correctly (from the code presented) when shift left is pressed the run animation starts, but doing loop, even though loop is checked. Other little issues like still showing the walking animation while stopped are happening too. Also I'm trying to make a good shop system right now thats proving to be challenging

  • You made your title super general, and your post sound like you are looking for work.

    You should be more specific, lol.

    I am not as dextrous with animations yet, so I won't be much help.

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