Rotating Blades - SOLVED!!!

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  • I have 2 blades that face left and right and should spin in place, when I try to use:

    BladeRT - Rotate 360 degrees Clockwise

    of course it turns clockwise


    When I try to

    BladeLT - Rotate 360 degrees Counter Clockwise

    both blades turn the same direction.

    I tried using "Clockwise" on both, "Counter Clockwise", even a -360 degrees, they still rotate the same direction.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • After numerous attempts and a much bloodied head from banging it against the wall, this is the fix I found:

    System - On start of layout:

    BladeRT - Set Rotate speed to 180 degrees per second

    BladeLT - Set Rotate speed to -180 degrees per second

    I tried everything, just not in the right correlation. Don't know if this is the correct or best way, but it's working.

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