How do I rotated a tiled image so outer images don't orbit?

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  • I have an image I want to tile and have each image rotate individually and not have the "spinning disc" effect.

    As in I don't want the outer tiled images to orbit the center image.

    I currently have the Image on a Tiled Background.

    Is it possible to rotate only the image on a Tiled Background without rotating the Tiled Background Object?

    I'm really not wanting to have 200+ instances of an object.

    I am willing to change Object types if needed.

    The image is currently 64x64 in size.

    I don't think this is possible, but I am hoping for a solution.

  • You can bring new 'graphics' in a tilemap (i suppose also in a tiled background).

    So, you could make an 'rotating animation' and refresh the tiles.

    But, they not gonna be seamless. Rotated, their 'bounding box' is bigger. I dont see a way for how to solve that.

    Besides that, loading a new frame and setting that new frame will not be a performance boost compared to having them all in the form of an instance. What you win by having a tiled background, you lose by animating it in a loop. At least, that is what i think at this moment.

    So mayby back to the main thing. "I'm really not wanting to have 200+ instances of an object."

    Are they all 200 in the viewport ?

  • It is part of the ground so I think a lot would be.

  • 200 sprite instances is not the end of the world, and would seem to be the most straightforward and effective way of achieving the effect you seek.

  • What exactly do want to do? Rotate each object on their own separate axes (origin)? or rotate with respect to a single point or object on your layout?

    I have tried rotating a tilemap + physics but the collisions are all messed up after.

  • Just spinning on it's own axis.

    Each image keeps it's X and Y while it spins.

  • Well, lets use a tilemap to make c3 dizzy: ... .capx?dl=0

  • Thanks that was what I was needing.

    Wasn't sure what this meant

    Parameter for Tilemap:

    Tile: tickcount % 80

    I don't have much experience with Tile-maps yet.

    The TileMap does have 80 images in the editor.

    I am guessing it is what is allowing it's animation.

    It takes the TickCount and divides by 80 and the remainder will always be between 0 and 80.

    Is that correct?

    If so it is smart. I didn't know of TickCount yet.

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  • That is correct, so this way it animates, by setting a tile each tick for a region.

  • Thanks, 99Instances2Go

    I've learned a lot from you just on random posts.

    I had no idea c3 was even out yet...

    It is in beta and the editor can be accessed in Chrome.

    I can't' so I am not sure if they are updating it or my Chrome is just messed up.

    I always have trouble in Chrome.

    It still looks good though.

    200 objects isn't a lot, but what I am making is for mobile.

    I already have a lot of calculations just in the foundation of the game because of self adjusting formulas and many, many layers to add effects.

    I was just trying to get the best performance, because I still have to add content.

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