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  • Look,

        Before I start, i can do alot of things in construct 2 as i have been using it for around 9 months now. Maybe im tired (i don't know..). It is probably a noobish mistake but here it is anyway.

    I am making a game that allows the user to place and move platforms around the screen to allow the ball to drop into a certain point. There is one problem; the rotation.

       To rotate an object you click on it for one second and then the object will rotate towards your mouse or touch input. There is a problem though, when you spawn in more copies of the object and then try to rotate one of them, all of them rotate! HELP please?

    Here is the link:

    Thanks in advance...

  • There's a lot more you'll have to take a look at, but if you add touchobject is overlapping platform1 under system rotate is 1 only one platform is turning.

    Instead of making rotate a global variable maybe it would be better to make it a variable of platform1, that would start making the events easier.

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  • Thanks a lot little stain. I was so eager to get the post out i didn't think about making it an object variable. Now it works great. thanks again.

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